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What Qualifies For Asylum?

Physical Violence

You can qualify for asylum in the United States if you have suffered physical violence or serious threats of physical harm. This includes fleeing domestic or gang violence.

Human Rights Violations

You can also qualify for asylum in the United States if you have been persecuted because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or sexual orientation.

Unlawful Detention

You can also qualify for asylum in the United States if you have been illegally detained or threatened with illegal detention. This includes being detained without reason.

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How Does Asylum Work?


In order to apply for asylum, you must file a Form I-589 (Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal) our lawyers help with this.

Waiting Period

Typically one to three months you'll be called for a USCIS interview.


If the USCIS officer is satisfied that you have a legitimate claim for asylum, they will grant it.

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What We Do For You


Step 1: Consultation

Our team takes the time to hear and learn the intricacies of your case to provide the best legal advice or representation.

Step 2: Plan Of Action

We will develop a strategy to help you navigate the complex immigration system and protect your rights.

Step 3: Resolution

Our firm is committed to helping you or your loved ones achieve their American Dream by making sure that all necessary forms are filed properly and in a timely manner.


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